Our Classrooms

Our classrooms at Amazing Minds are designed for hands on exploration and creative learning to help develop the whole child. Each classroom uses the Kinder lime app for daily communication to keep you informed about your child's day.

Infants:  8 weeks to 15 months

Our infant room provides a cozy environment where children are cared for according to their needs. Our educators help each child develop skills to meet developmental milestones.




Toddlers:  15 months to 2.9 years

Children in our toddler room  continue to build language, cognitive, social, fine motor, and gross motor skills through hands on play and age appropriate activities implemented by our educators.



Preschool: 2.9 to 5 years

Our preschool provides children an introduction to the alphabet, math skills, and science concepts through literature, creative arts, experimentation, and independent learning games. Social learning takes place all day as children explore centers and play; developing the whole child.












     Hours of operation


      Monday - Friday

     DUE TO COVID 19

    Hours of operation


    Jen Eldredge  Director

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